Fundraising Application

* If you are a For-Profit Business, please indicate the cause benefiting from the proceeds of your Fundraiser (verification required)


Colados Coffee, Inc. fundraising activities are intended to help organizations with raising funds to benefit their unique cause by providing 10% of Total Sales of a specific period of time during selected days of the week, allowing for both non-profit and for-profit entities can apply as long as the proceeds are used as stipulated below:

Education: proceeds will be used to support a school or educational institution such as clubs, band/choir, student development, school equipment, or scholarship.

Community: proceeds will be used to support community-based activities such as safety programs, youth development, or cleaning projects.

Religious: proceeds will be used to support church-related organizations or faith-based activities such as ministry groups, missions, programs, or building funding.

Charitable: proceeds will be used to support a charitable organization with a 501(c) registration.

I certify that I represent the organization applying for the Fundraising and attest to have read the ‘Qualifying Requirements’ and meet the stipulated guidelines. Furthermore, I assure all proceeds from the fundraising event will be used for the purpose stated above and not for individual/commercial gain or profit.